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Rug Cleaning Services in MarinIt may be tempting to settle for less by choosing a cheaper rug shampooing company, instead of a company that will do a thorough Area Rug Cleaning. However, shampooing alone is not enough to properly take care of your Area Rug, because the shampoo does not remove all the dirt and it does not rinse completely clean. Therefore shampooing actually leaves a nasty mix of soap, dirt, grime, and residue down at the bottom of your Area Rug pile and fibers. This gritty dirty mixture wears away at the fibers just as if you had never shampooed your Area Rug. In addition, the soap residue combined with the grime has a tendency to discolor your Area Rug.

Area Rug Cleaning Services Sonoma

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Rug cleaning should happen every year and be done by a professional who knows his trade. Rug cleaning should also be done if you have recently purchased an antique or used rug. Rug cleaning as soon as you purchase an oriental or area rug can remove the musty odor found in old rugs, so that you bring the beauty of the rug into your home not the smell. Rug cleaning can also remove pet dander and hair. Rug cleaning can remove the smell of smoke. If you have applied chemicals to your valuable rug, then rug cleaning can wash those out and bring back the brilliance of the colors like you never thought possible. If you are interested in rug cleaning, then contact your Marin rug cleaning professionals.

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